Watch: James Murphy Interviews LCD Soundsystem Manager In DVD Extra

    Throughout Shut Up And Play The Hits, the documentary capturing the final performance of much-revered disco revivalists LCD Soundsystem, viewers are given an intimate glimpse into the post-LCD routine of frontman James Murphy. Murphy is shown sleeping in, lounging around at home and — in perhaps the film’s most poignant moment — breaking into tears at the sight of LCD Soundsystem’s musical instruments packed away in a storage facility.

    LCD Soundsystem was Murphy’s brainchild and, rightfully so, the film focuses on his emotional progression through the band’s final days — but what about Keith Wood, LCD’s manager and one of Shut Up And Play The Hits‘ most captivatingly strange and quirky characters? How has he dealt with life in the months following the dissolution of the group?

    Murphy and his bandmates found themselves wondering the same thing — especially since Wood announced he would retire after the band’s final, sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Tasked with creating bonus material for the DVD release of Shut Up And Play The Hits, Murphy set out to Wood’s home in upstate New York to catch up with his former manager and capture the reunion on-camera.

    Stream a segment from “Catching Up With Keith” below and watch the entire interview on the DVD and Blu-Ray editions of Shut Up And Play The Hits, available to purchase beginning today.