Watch If You Dare: “MC” Gwyneth Paltrow And “DJ Jazzy” Cameron Diaz Rapping

    In what must be the musical equivalent of accidentally wearing an LL Bean vest to your first Zumba class, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz performed an awkward impression of two really white people freestyle rapping for reasons that only make sense to them. Except it’s not an impression. And they aren’t doing tequila shots at their girlfriend’s bachelorette party.

    The two actresses apparently filmed this little ditty to celebrate Chelsea Handler’s new studio space (what happened to sending over a potted plant?). Cameron has the least number of offenses–at least it’s possible she knows a real rapper or two, having dated Justin “I know real rappers” Timberlake–but Gwyneth, looking like she just came from a tennis match, is the obvious instigator. This isn’t the first time she’s made everyone uncomfortably aware of her whiteness. [Vulture]

    Watch at your own discretion.