Watch “I Don’t Need A Man” By K-pop Group Miss A (Video)

    When the world thinks of K-pop, of course there’s PSY and his 480+ million YouTube hit “Gangnam Style.” Then are PSY’s label mates, the fierce female group 2NE1 and the heartthrobs Big Bang. JYP, another one of the big entertainment groups in South Korea have also been pushing their group The Wonder Girls. And who can forget the nine-member group Girls Generation on SM Entertainment.

    But one of the most underrated groups in the K-pop scene is miss A (on the same label as The Wonder Girls). The four-piece who happens to include Chinese members have released extremely solid and catchy songs the last few years. The girls can sing, the girls can rap and the girls can dance. And recently they’ve released a new single on their brand new mini-album Independent Women Pt. III.

    With their new single “I Don’t Need A Man,” the group continues their sugar coated pop. But unlike previous work, the electro beats have been traded by a more soothing RnB vibe. Imagine a four-piece Korean Destiny’s Child. It’s fun and you can shake and stick dance to it all night.

    Check it out below: