Watch: House Shoes Deftly Explains Origins Of J Dilla’s “Hoes”

    Bling47 has been making some stellar videos that break down the often obscure sources of J Dilla’s samples. Their latest video involves the great DJ and producer House Shoes, who explains the origins of “Hoes,” a track from early J Dilla group Slum Village. According to House Shoes, the sample on “Hoes” comes from a song called “Magician Moth” off an album called The Butterfly Ball.

    This album was the product of a classic rock supergroup, of whom House Shoes says this: “They were super high. On druuuugs. And decided to make a soundtrack for a fictional cartoon that was never created.” If you don’t believe his judgement of the band’s drug use is accurate, just read the title of their album one more time. The Butterfly Ball. Yeah, they were definitely high.

    House Shoes loves “Hoes”—he thinks it contains Slum Village member T3’s best verse ever. Watch Bling47’s video below, and listen to “Hoes,” too. [Okayplayer]