Watch: “Hot Cheetos & Takis” Is The Song Of The Summer

    A Minneapolis Y.M.C.A. is not normally a hotbed for producing ace hip-hop singles, but it might just be this summer. Through the Y’s Beats and Rhymes after-school program, a group of kids teamed up, calling themselves Y.N.RichKids, and they cranked out “Hot Cheetos & Takis”–quite possibly the song of the summer.

    It’s blowing up online, and with good reason. Who doesn’t like an adorable ode to snacks? Especially one that’s so effortlessly performed. In the video, the kids rip through verse after verse, spitting out rhymes about, well, Hot Cheetos and Takis. Look, it’s not revolutionary stuff, but it is catchy. They’re a more childish Odd Future (or Wu-Tang Clan, as Passion of the Weiss painstakingly points out). Watch the fun below. SNACK! SNACK! SNACK! CRUNCH!