Watch: High Times Interviews Smoke DZA & Harry Fraud

    High Times recently interviewed rapper Smoke DZA and producer of his new joint Harry Fraud. The two don’t really talk about music but mainly just chat it up about weed and how much they love it. One thing is for sure, Smoke DZA ain’t lying when he raps about the “kush.”

    Why would you want to watch this? Because it’s hilarious. Here on some of the quotable gems from Smoke DZA:

    “Have you ever got so high that you itch?”

    “Do I look like a guy who is going to fuck up his performance stoned. I mean, does a pig eat shit?”

    “It makes the experience even better when loaded because not only am I preaching to you from the “Kush God” standpoint but I am also feeling the same way that you’re feeling.”

    “Some people look for sour, but sour looks for me. I’m the “Kush God.”

    See more stoned out hilarity below. Rugby Thompson is out today.