Watch GWAR Terrorize New Jersey Residents For Halloween Candy

    Trick or treat, human. Watch shock-rockers GWAR scare (well, mostly confuse) the living daylights out of innocent New Jersey families in the spirit of Halloween. Three members of the group (Oderus Urungus, Pustulus Maximus, and Beefcake the Mighty, if that means anything to you) donned their special Halloween costumes (oh hey, Barack!) and tackled the big bad ‘burbs for Fuse TV.

    The result is not pretty, but it is wonderfully weird and uncomfortable. Here are the highlights: Gwar running away from their banana-people nemeses; accepting cheese from an insane lady with goblins in her basement (that’s not all living in her basement, ifyouknowwhatImean); and collecting entire bowls of candy, the result of which triggers “feelings [they] don’t understand,” like nausea. [AUX]

    Really, just watch the damn thing.