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Watch Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Tragik Collaborate As L$D For "Dont Smoke My Blunt Bitch"

Under the moniker L$D, Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds and Tragik have collaborated for a track called "Dont Smoke My Blunt Bitch." The song, which revolves around a chorus of “I be that grimy mothafucker,” was announced yesterday through Grimes’s Twitter, where she also directed fans to a YouTube video for the track. The YouTube listing gives a few more details: the song was produced by Grimes and recorded in ten minutes; the video was crafted by Tragik and shot in less than an hour.

Watch "Dont Smoke My Blunt Bitch" below and let us know what you think. [Pitchfork]

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