Watch: Girl Talk On Morgan Spurlock’s ‘A Day In The Life’

    Morgan Spurlock has taken a break (kind of) from doing his long-form documentaries, such as Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, to work on an exclusive six-episode series through Hulu. It’s appropriately called A Day In The Life and thus far has featured entrepreneur Richard Branson, comedian Russell Peters, producer Will.I.Am., and, as of last night, Greg Gillis. Or, as most of us know him, Girl Talk.

    You get a first-hand account of, well, a day in the life of Gillis and what it’s like to setup one of his massive festival gigs, from the guys who do all the visuals and props to Gillis’ pre-stage preparation. Of course, he also speaks on his production style and how his live show is a lot more complicated than it might seem. This allows him to shed light on why it takes him longer than most people would think to put a new album together, too. It’s all in the fine-tuning and layering of samples, with nearly 400 of them being used in just one night’s show.

    You can watch the entire episode and view upcoming Girl Talk tour dates below.

    09.11 Richmond, VA: RVA Music Festival

    09.14 London, ON: London Music Hall

    09.15 Dartmouth, NS: Forum Multi Purpose Centre

    09.23 Live Oak, FL: Blackwater Music Festival

    09.24 Philadelphia, PA: Popped! Festival

    10.06 Council Bluffs, IA: Harrah’s Council Bluffs

    10.14 Pensacola, FL: DeLuna Fest

    10.29 New Orleans, LA: Voodoo Experience Music Festival

    12.31 Dallas, TX: Lights All Night