Watch Full Replacements Documentary ‘Color Me Obsessed’ Online

    Okay, this is cool. Right now (emphasis on the ‘now’), you can stream the Replacements documentary, Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements, in its entirety. The film, labeled as “the potentially true story of the most influential, always drunk, self-destructive, and yet frighteningly brilliant rock band of all time” made its debut last year on the festival circuit. The filmmakers conducted more than 140 interviews with prominent figures in the music industry (notable contributors include Grant Hart, Tommy Ramone, and Craig Finn), journalists, and non-celebrity human fans to piece together a working history of the influential Minneapolis punkers. The DVD contains a lot of extras that didn’t make it to final cut, like deleted scenes, commentary, and unedited interviews, but watch the 100% free theatrical version below.