Watch Footage Of The Rolling Stones’ First Performance In Five Years

    It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since The Rolling Stones have played a gig, Time sure flies, don’t it? The legendary rockers have been prepping for two dates in London (November 25 and 29 at O2 Arena) and two dates in New Jersey (December 13 and 15 at Prudential Centre) to get back on the performance wagon, with a more extensive list of dates to come.

    Since it’s been awhile, the Stones decided to dust themselves off at a practice gig in Paris last week and were nice enough to share a snippet of the performance. The song in the clip is “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and as always, Sir Mick Jagger gets loosey goosey during the tune. It’s nice to see that age has not hindered his eccentric, entrancing stage presence. 

    Watch footage of The Rolling Stones performing for the first time in five years below.