Watch Flavor Flav Hug Giants’ Coach Tom Coughlin After Super Bowl

    I missed this one last night because I was too busy being pissed about losing my bet on what color Gatorade would be dumped on the coaches after the game (in case you’re wondering, it was purple. It’s never purple), but after all the confetti came to rest and the ballyhoo concluded, the NFL Network caught an interesting, and I guess, touching moment between fames as Flavor Flav stormed the turf to give Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin (who, I might add, looks like Emperor Palpatine) a celebratory embrace that, let’s be honest, no one could have predicted.

    Decked hat to toe in Giants garb, Flav crept through the throng of reporters to drop an unexpected hit-and-run hug on Coughlin, and that’s pretty much it. No one really knows anything else other than that.