Watch: First Trailer For Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Released

    The first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s biopic of one of America’s greatest presidents has premiered on Google +. 

    Lincoln, which stars Academy Award Winner Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood, Last of the Mohicans) as the title character, will focus on the presidency of Honest Abe.

    That is a wise choice by Spielberg. With less time devoted to Lincoln’s early life, a tale every American is familiar with at this point – you know, he learned to read by candlelight, built his log cabin – the Jurassic Park director will have more time to focus on the troubled, conflicted decisions Lincoln was forced to make.

    And Lewis appears to capture every bit of that internal struggle. The trailer shows plenty of shots with the lead actor in quiet, difficult contemplation. And rightfully so, what other president has faced as enormous a decision as to declare war on half the nation?

    With a quiet, understated score from John Williams, the trailer introduces several of the central characters, sets the story’s sprawling stage, and prepares the audience for what is an epic lesson in American history.

    Lincoln stars Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Jackie Earle Haley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sally Field. Lincoln will be released on November 16, 2012. Watch the trailer below.