Watch Fifth Graders Review Dirty Projectors’ “Unto Caesar”

    Soundcheck started a brilliant new series called “Tough Critics,” which features a trio of fifth graders reviewing new releases. Elisabeth, Onaje and Will from the Little Red School House in New York City don’t mess around. They tell it like it is. And earlier this week, the no-frills music critics put Dirty Projectors’ “Unto Caesar” on the chopping block.

    During the almost two-and-a-half minute clip, Will comments that the song should be played while you’re in detention, Elisabeth says it reminds her of “somebody putting a camera in their backyard and playing something on their guitar with a bunch of other people who haven’t practiced very much,” and Onaje refers to the band as hippies in a forest, and that’s just the beginning…

    Watch “Dirty Porjectors Reviewed by Rough Critics on Soundcheck” below.