Watch: Feist Debuts Five ‘Metals’ Tracks Live

    We’re still about one month away from the release of Feist’s latest opus, Metals. But thanks to one fan’s handiwork, we can now hear how five of the album’s tracks will sound. Well, sort of. It’s doubtful that the five new tunes she performed live at the Townhouse in Los Angeles sound exactly like they do on the record. But hey, we’re cool with that when they sound this good. Not only that, but they’re making us want to pull the trigger on copping tickets to Feist’s forthcoming tour. You can view the full schedule here. She is joined on back-up vocals in the live performance by Vermont three-piece Mountain Man, who help to flesh out the melodies and harmonies on “Graveyard,” “How Come You Never Go There,” “A Commotion,” “Bittersweet Melodies,” and “Woe Be.”  

    You can watch the five videos below. Metals drops Oct. 4.


    “How Come You Never Go There”

    “A Commotion”

    “Bittersweet Melodies”

    “Woe Be”