Watch Father John Misty’s Glorious “Nancy From Now On” On ‘Conan’

    For years, J. Tillman was the gentle time-keeper for Fleet Foxes, but he stepped out this year from behind the drumkit for his debut as Father John Misty. Fear Fun is loaded with singer-songwriter and folk-rock tunes, as you would expect, but they’re all shot through with Tillman’s cheeky sense of humor and his maudlin worldview. The record seems to perfectly encapsulate the singer’s move from the hippie confines of the Pacific Northwest to the debauched misery of Los Angeles.

    He took to the late-night stages of Conan last night in full Misty mode, sporting a white suit and a large backing band. He’s got the ’70s frontman vibe down, reeling off a series of antics even if the song–Fear Fun‘s subdued “Nancy From Now On”–doesn’t seem to call for them. It’s pretty fun to watch, as is the bubbly bass player. Take it all in below.