Watch: Fan Raps With Kendrick Lamar On “Look Out For Detox” Again

    When the first video of this random fan tromping on stage with Kendrick Lamar in Austin performing “Look Out For Detox” surfaced in late January, everyone was pretty split at how this dude, who literally looks like the kind of guy that divides his time between StarCraft tournaments and Magic the Gathering card auctions, was able to lyrically keep on pace. It seemed like one of those rare occurrences that will eventually be played in a slow-motion touching moment during a soft drink company’s “Dream On” marketing campaign, though now that a second video has surfaced, you can tell it’s far from impromptu.

    The guy, who has been revealed as “Kyle,” was caught on stage performing the track with Kendrick once again in San Antonio, which takes the luster of spontaneity from it, though that really isn’t important. The deal here is that Kendrick’s continuing to show us how much he digs on his fans, and with an example like this, you can’t argue against it. Definitely admirable in this age. Check out the video, and keep an eye out to see where Kyle pops up as K.Dot continues on his tour. [2DBz]