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Watch: Fabolous Performs A Tribute To Nate Dogg

The year was 2001 and outside of New York, no one was really that hip to Fabolous just yet. But when he dropped "Can't Deny It" that summer, everything changed for the Brooklyn native. A big reason for that track's success was the appearance of Nate Dogg on the hook, which featured the gangsta-soul singer using an altered version of the hook for Tupac's "Ambitionz Az A Rider." It also boasted a pretty damn catchy beat from Rick Rock.


Since then, Fab has gone on to become an even bigger success in the hip-hop world while Nate Dogg battled health problems leading up to this past March. It was on March 16 that hip-hop lost one of its most recognizable voices as Nate Dogg died at age 41. To honor the late crooner, Fab performed a tribute last Thursday in Montreal while running through "Can't Deny It." After that, his DJ played a series of tracks featuring Nate Dogg, including "The Next Episode," to the roar of the crowd.


You can watch the tribute below.



[Rap Radar]

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That was fun to watch. Crowd was going nuts!

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Hate to nitpick here, but I have a question. This was a dope vid, but I didn’t even see it on the frontpage as a main headline. Was it? I only noticed it b/c daba commented on it, and I usually check on things he posts b/c I stalk him like that. But then I went back and looked and it wasn’t in the flash headlines, but only listed underneath. I notice I really don’t click on news as much on the site, unless I see it as the first thing. Just a thought.

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