Watch: Erykah Badu Speaks On ‘Baduizm’

    For this year’s Rock The Bells, numerous acts on the bill decided to perform their respective classic albums, from Nas doing Illmatic to Common doing Be. Now, while I’d argue that Com should have done Like Water for Chocolate or Resurrection if we’re talking classics, Be fits in better in terms of time constraints. It’s a classic, too, but I digress.

    To coincide with the performance concept, Reebok has been asking the rappers and singers in the lineup to reflect on their classic efforts. And today, they have released footage of Erykah Badu discussing her 1997 debut, Baduizm. One of the more interesting moments in the video comes when she reveals that two of the album’s best tracks, “Otherside of the Game” and “Sometimes…,” weren’t on the demo version of Baduizm. The reason for that is she had met the Roots, who played on both cuts, after she finished the album and landed her record deal. Man, while the album would have still been great without those tracks, it’s safe to say we’re more than glad she chose to write them after linking with the Roots.

    You can watch the interview below.

    [Rap Radar]