Watch: Earl Sweatshirt Talks His Hiatus With Peter Rosenberg

    Odd Future is performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom tonight in New York City. And to give some promotion for the show, three members of the crew hit up the Hot 97 studios to speak with Peter Rosenberg. As you no doubt gleaned from the headline, newly returned Earl Sweatshirt was in the room to discuss his hiatus and clear up some rumors about it.

    The best part about the discussion comes toward the end, when he reveals that it wasn’t his music that made his parents send him away to boarding school in the South Pacific. As he says himself, “Muthafuckers think that my mom heard a song and was like ,’Nah! I’m not fuckin’ with this song.'” He then adds, “I was fucking up … outside of music.”

    Tyler, the Creator and Taco also take part in the interview, with the former dropping some hilarious quotables about his fans. The funniest part might be when they bust Rosenberg’s balls about being “old.” Too good.

    You can watch the entire interview below. [MI]