Watch: DMX Runs Around Naked in Detroit Hotel

    Lately, DMX has been receiving press due to things other than his music.  Last Christmas, a video of the New York rapper rhyming the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song went viral.  That little bit of news actually received more press than the release of his first album in the last six years—2012’s Undisputed.


    Now, TMZ has released another bit of odd DMX news.  A new surveillance video shows the 42 year old rapper frantically running through the hallways of a Detroit hotel wearing nothing but boxers (and a house arrest ankle accessory).  Of course, DMX nonchalantly decides to drop his boxers as well, passing by a hotel maid and continuing his shenanigans. 


    DMX was recently asked about his reasons for his wild antics when he responded that he “just felt” like running around naked and “I’m not ashamed of anything I got.”