Watch DJ Dez Discuss J Dilla’s Sample Sources For “The Hustle”

    The “Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition” continues to examine the stories behind the samples on some of J Dilla’s classic tracks. This week’s webisode looks at “The Hustle,” the heavily bootlegged joint featuring Busta Rhymes from Slum Village’s Fantastic, Vol. 2 LP. Legendary Detroit producer DJ Dez, who worked for years on Slum Village’s turntables, is on hand to discuss the track. Dez explains how he gave Dilla a copy of Fatback’s funky disco album 14 Karat, and the next thing he knew he was listening to “The Hustle.” In the course of his discussion, Dez also offers some interesting remarks about how much of “nerd” Dilla was when it came to labelling his records.

    Watch DJ Dez on this week’s “Bling 47 Breaks Dilla Edition” below. [EgoTrip]