Watch Depeche Mode Open Their Tour with a Cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

    Friday night’s performance in Stockholm marked the band’s first stop on their 62-date ‘Global Spirit’ world tour.

    Depeche Mode kicked off their world tour with a visit to Stockholm, Sweden, and in their very first performance, they made a point to pay tribute to the late-great Bowie with their own personal rendition of “Heroes.”

    Watch that lovely tribute here:

    Music lost David Bowie a little over a year ago, and it’s been mourning ever since. Whenever we lose a loved one, there is always this unshakeable feeling that we could have gotten so much more if only there were time. More albums, more Bowie, more kisses of genius… We are still digging up clues from the ashes of his departure. With new conspiracy theory-filled easter eggs discovered on a near-daily basis, Bowie’s Black Star is proving to be a solid foundation for a Divinci Code sequel.

    And while his premeditated final album served as a cryptic, yet terminal goodbye note, all his disciples are still busy processing the finiteness of the words.

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Dave Gahan confessed how much Bowie meant to him, and how his passing affected him on a personal level, saying, “One of the things I was most regrettable about was that I had never really gone up to him at any time I’d seen him in passing and said, ‘You know, David, I bump into you every once in a while, but I’ve never told you how much your music has meant to me and continues to mean to me.’”

    Depeche Mode’s best attempt at saying goodbye came Friday night in the form of a rousing, flamboyant, and highly dutiful interpretation of the Thin White Duke’s very own testament. Singer Gahan musters an effective baritone bellow over a champagne guitar licks and a gulping synth-beat to reimagine the tube amp-smoking classic in smooth New-Wave digs.

    Depeche Mode are currently on tour in support of their new album Spirit. You can hear that album in its entirety here.