Watch David Wain Talk About ‘They Came Together’ And High School Rejection

    At a recent Hollywood in the Hamptons event, Wet Hot American Summer and Wanderlust director David Wain shared updates on his upcoming projects, as well as a painful story of high school rejection with The Hollywood Reporter.

    After being asked for a first day of school memory for students heading back from summer vacation this week, Wain was drawing a blank. After a few minutes, he remembered when he was rejected by a girl he had a crush on and had obsessed about all summer:

    “One day, when I was in school I got there and I thought that the girl that I really liked who I missed all summer would finally go out with me, because I had finally gotten a nose job. Then, she said I was still ugly… now I’m famous, so f— her.”

    Of course, knowing Wain’s style of humor, it’s likely that he was telling the story as a goof. But what’s not a joke is that Wain just wrapped up production on They Came Together, a script he wrote shortly after Wet Hot American Summer. The script, which Wain calls “a really stupid romantic comedy,” remained unproduced until a staged reading at San Francisco’s Sketchfest renewed interest. Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Ed Helms and Christopher Meloni star in the upcoming film.

    Wain is also still trying to get the long-awaited sequel to Wet Hot American Summer off the ground, saying that he’s “working on it… [it’s] in progress.”