Watch: David Lynch Delivers “Making Of” Clip Of “Crazy Clown Time” Video

    David Lynch’s NSFW video for “Crazy Clown Time” caused a stir when it was released last week, and helped reignite interest in the director’s recent dip into music. Now, we get to find out how he did it, as a making-of video centering on the production of the “Crazy Clown Time” clip has emerged, complete with Lynch delivering instructions to his assembled cast. There’s not much insight here, although Lynch will no doubt get a kick out of people trying to find meaning in his direction. “Chris, you are going to be Petey. You’re going to set your hair on fire,” is typical of the comments he offers, which all sound like they’re coming deep from within an echo chamber. Check it out below, followed by the full video. [via Clash]