Watch David Byrne And St. Vincent’s video For ‘Who’

    We know David Byrne is an excellent dancer. And we know St. Vincent is great at being creepy on dirt roads. So its safe to say that both of these distinguished artists are right in their wheelhouse in their video for ‘Who’, the first single off their upcoming collaborative album, Love This Giant. The clip follows the plotline of the song relatively faithfully — Annie Clark starts telling David Byrne her life story as David Byrne sings about her telling her life story — but let’s be real, you’re not watching this video because you want pantomime. You’re watching this video because you want to see David Byrne shake his booty in one of Roger Sterling’s suits. You’re not fooling anybody, pal.

    Check out St. Vincent and David Byrne’s video for ‘Who’ below. Love This Giant comes out September 10.