Watch David Byrne And St. Vincent On The Colbert Report

    Amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, David Byrne and St. Vincent (nee Annie Clark) braved the dark, lonely, WiFi-less streets of downtown Manhattan for an appearance on The Colbert Report. The duo, who released the excellent Love This Giant last month, talked candidly about making the record (apparently, working with Byrne is very similar to dating him), the fear of being “ordinary,” and how living downtown is hard right now–even for famous musicians! Upon hearing how they were forced to enter Brooklyn to bathe, Colbert, ever the gentleman, offered his in-office shower, suggesting the three of them film the experience to raise money for storm victims. Curiously, Byrne and Clark didn’t immediately jump on the idea. They must not care about the victims. Watch the funny interview below, as well as performances of “Who” and “Weekend in the Dust.” [Pitchfork]



    “Weekend in the Dust”