Watch: Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall) In OFF! Videos

    OFF! has a double feature for us today, smashing their songs “Borrow And Bomb” and “I Got News For You” (both off their recent self-titled album) into one super-packed music video. And it’s not your typical music video either, as the California hardcore heroes tapped comedian Dave Foley–noted for his fine work in the Canadian sketch comedy group/show The Kids In The Hall–to appear.

    Just like in the video for “Cracked,” director Whitey McConnaughy revels in the zaniness of the group. This time around, Foley stars as high-school teacher Dale Antwerp, host of a cheesy, fictional television show  called “Teen Talk”–“where the teens get to talk and the adults get to listen.” They talk about punk rock of course in agonizing awkwardness, only to be blown away by special musical guests OFF!. Lots of fun to be had in this one. Watch below.