Watch: Danny Brown’s Pitchfork Doc, ‘Detroit State Of Mind’ followed Danny Brown for a while throughout his Detroit hometown. In the resulting mini-doc, Detroit State of Mind, we’re brought into Brown’s life by way of family interviews, backstage arguments and a live performance at this year’s Dilla Day.

    At one point, while smoking a blunt and checking his Twitter, Brown talks about being signed to Fool’s Gold, why he can’t take cold weather, and how his brother used to send him MF DOOM lyrics when he was in prison. Regarding the latter he says, “When you read the shit you really can see his whole vision for what he was doing.”

    The documentary is only 20 minutes, but it covers a good deal of ground. We learn that Danny Brown never wanted to be famous, and we get to see the moment when he and his friends hear of Whitney Houston’s death. You can watch Detroit State of Mind below.