Watch Cute Kids Moshing To Black Flag

    Kids can be pure balls of energy–rambunctious, careening off everyone and everything, even borderline psychotic in their pure glee. So it makes a lot of sense that Noisey–VICE’s music channel–got a few kids to review the ouvre of hardcore pioneers Black Flag. In their time, they played faster and harder than everyone, basically translating that same childlike glee to their guitars and drums (albeit with more anarcho-paranoia).

    The kids listen to Black Flag’s classic “TV Party” and Noisey filmed their reaction. It turns into a moshing exhibition of course, because what’s better than screaming and jumping about TVs? It’s the song most likely to kill at elementary sleepovers. Also, the kids (who have adorable British accents) think Henry Rollins sounds like he has slugs on his face. Watch the cuteness/madness below.