Watch Creed’s Scott Stapp Denounce Obama On ‘Fox & Friends’

    As if we needed another reason to laugh at Creed, Scott Stapp stopped by “Fox & Friends,” this morning to tell the world that he will not be voting for President Barack Obama (like we care?). 

    The singer of one of the most hated bands ever said he voted for Obama in 2008 but will not be doing so this year, stating that the recession proved the failure of Obama’s first term as president. 

    “I’m just disappointed. I had very high hopes and expectations and was really inspired by President Obama,” he said. “And I still am, he’s an amazing speaker. But in my opinion, his administration [made] a lot of promises, but no real delivery.”

    Stapp, however, never explicitly endorsed Romney, but rather talked nostalgically of presidents past, saying, “My heart and soul would really love someone like Reagan or FDR to come back and give us a new deal. Be bold, be committed, don’t care what anyone thinks. And when you tear down that wall, do it.”

    What do you think of Stapp’s views? Do you agree with him? Do you completely discredit him because he’s the front man of Creed? Let us know in the comments below!