Watch: Common Discusses ‘Be,’ Working With Kanye West & J Dilla

    This year’s Rock The Bells festival is heavy on the full-album performances, from Mobb Deep doing all of The Infamous to Common tackling the entirety of Be. And to spotlight these performances, the folks behind the event have linked with Reebok to sit down with some of the acts to discuss their classic albums.

    The latest to do so is Common, who speaks on 2005’s Be and how the record came together. He talks at length on working with Kanye West and how their sessions began even before he got the budget from his label. Com was spending his own money at first and admits that Kanye’s beat for “The Food” was originally meant for someone else.

    The Chicago native also discusses how he just had to get a beat from J Dilla on Be as they weren’t only close friends but frequent collaborators. He notes that Dilla was his roommate when the two moved out to Los Angeles and how crazy/amazing it was to wake up and see him making beats in the dining room. 

    You can watch Common speak on Be in the video below.