Watch Colin Farrell’s Tom Waits Impersonation

    CBS Films released several press interviews with the cast of In Bruges director Martin McDonagh’s latest film Seven Psychopaths.

    During an interview with Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken, they were asked about working with Tom Waits. All of them had nothing but praise for the gravel-voiced songwriter-turned-actor, but Farrell shared a hilarious anecdote about Waits – complete with a pretty decent impersonation.

    In the video, Farrell tells of when Waits interjected into his decision for what pen Farrell’s character would use in the film. “[The props guy] opened up this satchel and unfolded it and there were about a hundred pens there. I hear a voice over my shoulder and it’s Waits going, ‘Be careful: each one of those pens, it already has a story in it,’” said Farrell. “I just thought how beautiful to turn the mundane into magic.”

    Check out Farrell’s Tom Waits impersonation below and comment whether you think he nailed the singer’s voice. Seven Psychopaths opens in theaters on Oct. 12.