Watch Colbert Prod Morrissey About The Royal Family, The Smiths, Vegetarianism + Two Live Performances

    If anyone knows how to push buttons, it’s Stephen Colbert. He doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on; he’ll find your weaknesses and jab at them until you’re about to explode (or strangle him). This is exactly what he did to Morrissey last night.

    The interview began on the wrong foot when Colbert, in an effort to hype up Moz, called him a “legend” to the indie rock world, to which the singer-songwriter quickly told him he was not, because the definition of the word meant it could either be true or false (and obviously, there’s no question that Morrissey is the best thing that happened to the music world in the last 30 years or so). From there, he went on to discuss his hatred for the Royal Family, despite Colbert’s attempts to defend it; he said there was no way The Smiths were getting back together, and Colbert revealed that the former Smiths frontman demanded the entire Colbert Report staff eat only vegetarian food while he was in the building. It was an awkward interview, to say the least, but Colbert was able to make it quite hilarious (he’s good at that).

    After prodding Morrissey for five minutes, he asked if he’d still be willing to play music, and of course the musician obliged, performing “People Are The Same Everywhere,” and “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris,” with a full band.

    Watch Morrissey’s interview with Colbert, plus two live performance below.


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    “People Are The Same Everywhere”

    “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” (Web Exclusive)