Watch: Chris Brown Performs A Tribute To Wu-Tang, Nirvana At The VMAs

    Kanye West and Jay-Z had a shitload of fun; Beyonce killed it while glowing about her pregnancy; Adele gave the most endearing performance of the night; and Lil Wayne closed out the show. But the most entertaining — like summer movie blockbuster entertaining — portion of the MTV Video Music Awards came via Chris Brown.

    When he emerged from backstage, it seemed like it was going to be one of those you-have-to-be-a-fan type of performances. Dude quickly won over damn near everyone in attendance, though, when he proceeded to dance his ass off. Brown still hasn’t completely gotten in our good graces — yeah, we’re still pissed off over his assaulting Rihanna — but it’s impossible to deny his showmanship.

    Personally, I was turned off by the tribute to Nirvana, if only because I’m not sure why he of all people got to pay homage to the band. But everything else came together very well, particularly when he and his back-up dancers got their b-boy on to Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck.” When Raekwon approves, you know you did something right.

    You can watch the performance below. Along with the Nirvana and Wu tributes, Brown tackled his singles “Yeah 3X” and “Beautiful People” while flying all over the damn place in a white suit.