Watch the Cast of “Bob’s Burgers” Stay in Character While Opening Up the Bob’s Burgers Music Album Vinyl Box Set

    The box set comes out May 12th on Sub Pop and will feature 107 songs from the show, as well as covers from the National and St. Vincent.

    Bobs Burgers Sub Pop Vinyl Unboxing

    Fans of Bob’s Burgers know how indelible the music is to the show. Taste-making indy label Sub Pop certainly knows, which is why they are releasing an 112-track vinyl box set featuring original songs from the wickedly popular, Emmy-winning FOX cartoon.

    Watch the Belcher family, in non-animated form, opening up the box set below:

    The Bob’s Burgers Music Album, which comes out May 12th, contains 107 original songs pulled from various episodes of the show’s current 6 seasons, as well as 5 covers performed by the National, St. Vincent, and more.

    Check out this video of a cartoon Matt Berninger (with the National and Lapsley) singing “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom”:

    The box set will also be released in CD and digital form, but for the “deluxe” treatment—featuring sheet music, stickers, and “condiment-colored” records in mustard-yellow, ketchup-red, and relish-green— you gotta go vinyl.

    Whichever format you choose, be sure to catch such classics as “Bad Things are Bad,” “Taffy Butt,” “Electric Love,” Work Hard or Die Trying Girl,” the title track from Gene’s Working Girl/Die Hard musical adaptation…And who could possibly forget this Thriller of a single from the show’s fictional heartthrob collective Boys 4 Now:

    For the full track listing, and to preview a few of the songs, go here.

    Coinciding with the release, a special two-night Bob’s Burgers live event featuring stand-up, a table read with the cast, and music from El Vy (another Matt Berninger joint) will be held in Los Angeles’ Orpheum Theatre on June 17th and 18th.

    If nothing else, this box set serves as irrefutable proof that Bob’s Burgers is full of musical moments deserving to be captured in a burger-themed keepsake.

    The Bob’s Burgers Music Album can be pre-ordered at Sub Pop or Amazon [h/t Pitchfork]