Watch Cassie’s Comeback Video, “King Of Hearts”

    Cassie’s long-delayed, long worked-on sophomore album is allegedly due out in 2012. We say allegedly, because she’s spent close to six years on Bad Boy & Interscope’s shelf since her debut, and every few months, her or Diddy say she’s coming back. Well, apparently she might be close to a comeback: She just release a big budget video for her new single, “King of Hearts,” a sub-David Guetta dance pop confection that will not replace “Me & U” in anyone’s mind when it comes to Cassie. It’s interesting though, that six years ago a fun deconstruction of of R&B tropes would get you into R&B playlists, and now all it takes is a fast backbeat and some euro-dance production. How the world has changed. Watch it below: