Watch: Canibus Retracts J. Cole Diss Track (Video)

    Well, one of the better — and by better I mean nuttier — hip-hop beefs has come to an end in less than a few days. Canibus has decided to retract his diss track aimed at J. Cole, “J. Clone,” and even went so far as to record a video announcing said retraction. It’s, erm, pretty bizarre, but only because Canibus apparently doesn’t know how to work his web cam and its software.

    What ensues is some really weird editing, a few burps (no lie), and a muddy, though somewhat clear, statement from the wordy MC. If you don’t have the time to watch it just yet, I’ll sum it up for you: Canibus says he loves hip-hop too much to further justify his selfish behavior and he wants to man up for what he views as a mistake in releasing “J. Clone.” Lulz. Watch the video below.