Watch Calexico Do Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”

    Leave it to Calexico to take a shitty ’80s cheeseball track and pull some sort of pathos out of it. The bandmembers are master interpreters–heck, Calexico’s best song might be their mariachi cover of the Minutemen’s “Corona.”

    For the A.V. Club’s Under Cover series, the Arizona band decides to tackle Kenny Loggins’ 1986 hit “Danger Zone,” a.k.a. the soundtrack to Top Gun. Even Calexico frontman Joey Burns is forced to admit that the song sucks, but he plays it straight. The group ultimately makes it sound like a dusty murder ballad rather than a song composed by disco honcho Giorgio Moroder. Also, it looks like Calexico have their own Mexican-flavored calendar now, judging by the A.V. Club’s wall. Watch the performance below.