Watch Bruce Springsteen Impersonate Obama, Perform “Obama Campaign Song”

    At this point in time, it’s common knowledge that Bruce Springsteen is an Obama supporter, and last night the Boss treated around 5,000 fans to a free concert in Virginia that doubled as a rally for the president’s re-election.

    During the hour-long event in Charlottesville, Springsteen performed a seemingly improvised “campaign” song for the president, preceding it with an impersonation of our commander-in-chief calling him up late-night and asking him to write the tune, requesting it include his campaign slogan, “Forward,” and, of course, his name.

    So Springsteen dove right into the song, asking the audience to call back “Forward,” after every line. Among the lyrics, the highlights were “First debate really freaked me out, then Romney got schooled twice by Obama / Smilin’ Joe Biden brought the drama / Fox News must be smokin’ marijuana.” [THR]

    Watch Bruce Springsteen impersonate Obama and perform his “campaign” song below.