Watch British Kids Review Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

    Noisey continues their video series “Do Cute Kids Like…” wherein they ask adorable British children if they like certain musical artists. It’s a good thing this episode is about Snoop Dogg because these children might grow up in a world where the former Calvin Broadus, Jr. is primarily known as a FIFA-playing reggae singer.

    In the clip, the kids review Snoop’s 2004 monster-hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” and it’s safe to say the results are incredibly hilarious. Some sample quotes:

    “Drop it like it is hot.”

    “I like the name Snoop Dogg because it remembers (?) of my cousin’s dog, because it died. In the snow.”

    “I’m scared of dogs.”

    “I think it’s a bit silly picking something hot up.”

    “I think he looks like a chihuahua.”

    “I don’t like the hair because it’s a little bit girly.”

    There are also loads of kids dressed in bling, pouring out forties, and referring to Michael Jackson as their favorite rapper. It’s amazing, and it’s below.