Watch: Bright Eyes Perform “Arienette” With Tom Morello

    During their set at the Ottawa Folk Festival this past week, Bright Eyes did something pretty far removed from folk in the traditional sense. They brought out fellow performer Tom Morello, who was there as the Nightwatchman, to assist in playing “Arienette” and “Road to Joy,” which are off 2000’s Fevers and Mirrors and 2005’s I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. We only have some footage of “Arienette,” though once you check it out you can assume the same results came during “Road to Joy.”

    As I alluded to, the results are as non-folk as it gets once Morello takes over. Until then, though, it’s relatively straightforward as Conor Oberst leads his band through “Arienette.” But when Morello steps up? Forget about it. Dude shreds through one of his trademark off-kilter solos, which of course includes his turntable scratching-inspired moves. And in case you’re wondering if the crowd was pissed; they weren’t. At least, the audience members near the front row were into it, as that’s where this footage stems from.

    You can watch the performance below.

    [Twenty-Four Bit]