Watch Bond Meet The New Q In This ‘Skyfall’ Clip

    There are very important parts of 007’s mythology that can’t be overlooked. It’s pretty important to include a vodka martini, a souped-up car, some sexy ladies for James Bond to hook up with and the omnipresent M to give him orders. 

    However, one of the most distinctive (and one that’s been lacking lately) is Q. This character (made famous by Desmond Llewelyn and briefly played by John Cleese) supplies Bond with his weapons, gadgets and assorted technological wonders that will make his upcoming missions a little easier. 

    One way in which Sam Mendes’ Skyfall will flip the script is in the casting of Q. Rather than a wise, older man, this movie’s quartermaster will be portrayed by Ben Winshaw, who is significantly younger than Bond’s Daniel Craig. However, as you can see in the clip below (via IndieWire), he doesn’t lack for confidence or talent. Keep your fingers crossed for some witty repartee between the two in this picture and upcoming sequels.