Watch: B.o.B Premieres Lil Wayne Collaboration, “Dark Clouds,” In Concert

    Twelve days ago, B.o.B debuted a nice new track, “High Life,” with a video of him chilling in his Singapore hotel room with some females. It kind of came out of nowhere and left us wondering exactly what Bobby Ray has been up to since dropping No Genre late last year. Well, it turns out he’s hard at work on his sophomore album, which is set to feature a Lil Wayne collaboration on the track “Dark Clouds.”

    While on tour the other night in Colorado, B.o.B and his DJ treated the audience to a preview of “Dark Clouds.” And from what we could hear, it sounds pretty damn good as Decatur, Ga. native spits punch lines filled with references to Nancy Kerrigan (awesome) and Top Ramen (also awesome). It might just be a snippet, but it leaves us hopeful for his new album, especially after hearing the disappointment that was The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

    You can watch the live footage below.