Watch Bob Dylan’s Violent Clip For “Duquesne Whistle”

    As he’s done twice before–on the videos for “It Must Be Santa” and “Beyond Here Lies Nothin”–director Nash Edgerton has really subverted the malleable image of Bob Dylan. Then again, Dylan himself continues to that, so the two make an interesting pair. Edgerton lends his talents to the new video for “Duquense Whistle,” which makes an appearance on Dylan’s upcoming Tempest.

    In the clip, a boy tries to woo a girl in what appears to be a charming, lightly comedic way. But then the video takes a turn for the weird and violent, involving pepper spray, kidnapping, torture, and Dylan walking down the street like a pimp. The singer himself doesn’t do much in the video, but somebody should cast him as a criminal in a gritty HBO drama. He’s got the look down.


    Tempest is out September 11 via Columbia.