Watch: Big Boi Live Streaming Concert In D.C.

    As we reported last week, Big Boi is live streaming his gig tonight in Washington, D.C. so that all of us non-D.C.’ers can check it out and, maybe, get over our case of the Mondays. The show is a celebration of the collaboration between Big Boi and Crown Royal, which we previously heard about through The Crown Life online mini-documentary. Hopefully this will be a chance for Big Boi to preview some of that new material he’s been talking about lately. Or, even better, maybe Andre 3000 will join him for a few OutKast jams. Even if he doesn’t, you know Big Boi’s going to run through his group’s catalog. At least, that’s my wish for the show.


    You can stream the show below starting at 9:30 p.m. EST.