Watch Beyonce Perform “Love On Top” At VMAs

    Though there were rumors ripping around the Internet that Jay-Z and Kanye and Beyonce would be performing “Lift Off” on last night’s VMAs since they were all in attendance, what we ended up with was an awesome performance of “Otis” and a gossip magazine front cover smashing performance of Beyonce’s “Love on Top,” which though it was actually pretty great (Beyonce’s runs at the end are top notch), will end up being known as that time Beyonce confirmed that she was pregnant. Was it still really unknown that Beyonce was pregnant? Jay did that song on Watch the Throne about talking to his son, and I’m pretty sure that the pregnancy news has been in OK! for a while. But the pregnancy announcement is 1000 percent worth it for Jay and Kanye celebrating Bey’s pregnancy at the end, with the two of them looking like 12-year-olds who just stumbled into a stripclub.