Watch Best Coast Perform Unplugged

    Can’t a girl just make dreamy and simple slow-burning pop songs? If you’ve read reviews of the latest Best Coast full-length, not everyone thinks so.

    However, if you take Beth Consentino’s music at face value — simple, poppy and very Californian — then it becomes easier to see why she has played numerous sets on Letterman and received 4-stars for The Only Place via Rolling Stone (okay, not everyone is a hater).

    The clip below reveals just why Best Coast is still loved. Just check out the video of Beth and bandmate Bobb Bruno playing an unplugged version of “No One Like You” for South Park Sessions via Rhapsody TV. The acoustic version would be perfectly fitting at a campfire to a bedroom to your living room speakers. It’s not complex and doesn’t demand your attention but if you lend it your ear a bit, it will suck you into it’s sunny sadness.

    Be sure to also check out the videos of Beth and company play “Last Year” and “How They Want Me To Be. “[Spin]