Watch Batman Villains, Joker, Bane, And Two-Face Form A K-pop Group (Epik High)

    Everyone in the world knows about the silly music video for PSY’s infamous “Gangnam Style.” It was full of hilarious and ironic scenes that only most Koreans would understand. To us westerners they seemed pretty out there. But who knew that K-pop could get any sillier?

    During one of Mnet’s MAMA showcases, the South Korean alternative hip hop group Epik High (made up of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutzdid) did a performance of their track “Hate Mental Hospital.” And surprisingly the trio came out dressed up as the villains from Batman. It makes perfect sense as villains end up at Gotham’s Arkam Asylum.

    Skip to 2:06 to watch the comical, yet “epic” performance below: