Watch: Aziz Ansari Rates All of Kanye’s Albums

    Aziz on which of Kanye's "superficial raps is super official."

    Aziz Vogue Interview

    Aziz Ansari gave his opinion on one of the most controversial debates in the common era in his recent Vogue interview…which Kanye West album is the one, true Yeezus? The comedian and known friend of Kanye West (See his shortened version of his “A Night Out with Kanye West” bit from Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening in the same video) puts Watch the Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in a tie for his top slot, followed by “a tie with Yeezus and The Life of Pablo, then Graduation, then College Dropout, then Late Registration.” Aziz then committed a mortal sin in the eyes of Yeezy by giving up BEFORE ranking West’s groundbreaking 2008 release 808s and Heartbreak. How can you forget to rank an album so great for being so un-Kanye but put The Life of Pablo at number 2?(You don’t have Andre 3000 on an album singing two-word backup vocals on your album and get number 2.)

    Aziz’s Interview with Vogue

    Music references abound in this installment of Vogue’s 73 Questions, including: Aziz wanting Boyz 2 Men to “Sing on bended knee” when he arrives at the Met Gala, learning Led Zeppelin solos in 1996, the first record he ever scratched, and the Sisqo featuring DMX classic “What These Bitches Want.”(If you call it “What They Really Want” don’t ever speak to me.) He also, in textbook DMX fashion, raps a verse of his exes names upon request.

    Aziz’s Master of None co-star, Eric Wareheim, is also mentioned in the video as “The first person to call him with good news.” Aziz and Eric also worked together on an “unofficial official” video for Kanye’s The Life of Pablo single “Famous.” The video depicts the two friends dancing in the streets and eating pasta in what looks to be Italy, where they filmed the new season of Master of None. It’s more good hearted buddy comedy and less naked Donald Trump.(See official “Famous” video…or don’t if naked Trump isn’t your thing.)

    Season 2 of Master of None premieres on Netflix on May 12th before taking a “long break” according to Ansari in a recent interview with Vulture. “I’ve got to become a different guy before diving back into writing.”